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We deliver all our products to almost anywhere in the world. We mainly use container and car carriers.
In our work, we use the well-known terms of delivery of  Incoterms 2010.


When working with us, you yourself can choose, impose the obligation to deliver the goods to us or pick up the goods from us. You decide all this yourself and we stipulate the delivery condition in the contract. We have the opportunity to bring our products to your port or port in Russia. We have the opportunity to repack our products in your car at a terminal in St. Petersburg or Moscow.
But mainly we use the port of St. Petersburg to send our products. But we always willingly go to various delivery options offered by our customers.
We understand that logistics on a global scale is the most difficult and if there is an option to deliver products faster or cheaper to the buyer, we agree to this.
After all, saving on logistics both time and money helps us to agree on the delivery of our products to the buyer.
And if it saves the buyer both money and time, then we are happy!
Contact us and we will help you save on shipping!


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