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Sawn lumber:

We offer our customers only quality sawn timber. Working with us you get a reliable partner in Russia who will provide you with the necessary quality lumber for your needs.
Our lumber meets the Russian standard GOST 26002-83. Based on it, we send only the lumber that corresponds to the grade prescribed in it. At all stages of production, we monitor the quality and conformity of our lumber to these standards and grades. Here are some sizes of lumber that we offer for delivery:

18/20/22/25/30/40/44/47/50/100/150/200*65/75/80/90/10/110/120/130/140/150/180/200/250*700/770/800/900/1000/1100/1140/1200/1300/2000/2400/2700/2985/3000/3600/4000/5000/6000 мм

This category and size of lumber are basic. And their delivery time may be minimal.
If you have not found the size you need, THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT IS NOT ONE, just contact us and we will try to solve the problem. And we will provide you with the necessary lumber of the size you need.


Calibrated Lumber:

 This lumber category and lumber sizes indicated in the previous category are as follows on our list. Their delivery time is slightly longer since at this stage we carry out the calibration process, giving the lumber the necessary high-quality geometry and the right size.

It is slightly more expensive compared to sawn lumber, as it requires high costs and production operations. But the appearance of this lumber is much better and the quality is not comparable with sawn lumber. In addition, its size is accurate and corresponds to that agreed with the buyer. It looks like planed but does not fit into this category, as it may have roughness, uneasy and minor defects in the form of potholes and bulges left during processing. If you need high-quality lumber with good geometry and accurate size, but planed is expensive for you, and sawn is not suitable, then you can safely order this category.


Planed lumber:

 This category of lumber also corresponds to the lumber sizes indicated in the first category of lumber. But this is lumber that has undergone high-quality processing on a four-sided machine from all four sides. Therefore, it is more elite and more expensive. This lumber is drier than the above categories. It is of high quality and its layers are smooth and the corners are sharp. It has perfect geometry and perfect size.

When ordering this lumber, you can use the sizes indicated in the first category or order your size. We can offer size accuracy up to a tenth of a millimeter. And you will receive exactly the size and the volume that you ordered.
So if you need high-quality lumber with perfect geometry, this is what you need!


Decorative lumber (lining, blockhouse, wall panels, bed blanks, planks of various ward, S4R, individual profile):


This category does not include lumber, but the result of its deep processing. We produce various profiled and grooved versions of panels and lining. There are well-known to everyone, such as lining, blockhouse, imitation of timber and so on, all to list for a very long time.
Yes, this category is probably the most expensive but also the most necessary in construction, or rather in decoration. With the help of her sheathe and the whole house and rooms and other rooms. Flooring is also from here. Many more different options with different profiles (sections) are used in the furniture industry. We can produce these elements and if you need them, or rather a certain profile, but you do not know where to get it and who can produce it, then you are on the right track.
Give us your profile, section of the element, we will 100% make it for you the size you need. And it will be of excellent quality and save you a lot of time and money.
Contact us and we will help you and your business.


Pallet blank, container board and other packing board:

In this category, everything is simple. Here are their sizes and their quality criteria. We produce various sizes of blanks and containers. If we don’t have the size that you need, then this does not matter, a little patience and we will produce it for you.
If you need planks for packaging and they must be of a certain size and quality, tell us, we will try to help you. After all, many are engaged in a pallet board, but do not want to make a certain size! But we are not like that, we are always happy to help our customers and solve their problem with the supply of the sizes they need.
Contact us, we will help.


Unsorted lumber and production residues (cheap lumber):


Everything is simple and cheap here.
In the process of our processing, many different lumber of completely different quality remains. Basically, we position it as grade 1-5, but this does not mean that this lumber cannot be used! In no case, this is the same lumber of decent quality and which can be used, there are just some nuances.
For example: We produce lumber for the buyer, but during the manufacturing process, it was selected in a grade not suitable for the buyer for some defects, for example, a slight blue stain, or mechanical damage in the form of a dent, the size is floating, there is a dropped bitches, a small outbreak, or there is a lot of outboard but a board high-quality or a lot of everything that is possible to be on the board but does not affect its characteristics! So we sort it into this category. Short residues of lumber also fall here when trimming it to the size necessary for the customer. And so on, you can talk a lot, but you better clarify and we will explain to you.
And there is also a group of lumber that we just don’t sort but dry and can send to you as a whole, this is also grade 1-5 and a board of good quality and defects do not affect the characteristics of the board. We sell such board, not sorted. Its price is low, since there are all varieties from 1 to 5, and this does not mean that there are more than 3-5 varieties, far from all.
We just save time on sorting and therefore the price is low.
So if for example you are building a building, you need a plank for formwork or a subfloor or crate, this is for you.
Just find out more with us and we will help you!


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