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And so the standards, if you've been on our site for a long time then you have come across the GOST class many times. So, we explain that GOST is an abbreviation for the term "state all-Union standard." Interestingly, this abbreviation over time itself has become a term, ceasing to be an abbreviation.

Today in Russia there are a lot of different GOSTs, they determine the quality of products and services in various fields. But we will not go so far into the details.
This is a standard that determines the quality and grade of lumber from all manufacturers. It indicates the grades and permissible and not permissible defects of lumber and wood. Sizes, tolerances. The rules for processing and drying are defined, of course, each has its own GOST.
GOST 26002-83 - is for us the main, say even more, fundamental standards for us. Based on it, we sort by grade of finished lumber.
So if you have a need, or you are not familiar with it, or just want to understand how sorting is determined.

GOST 26002-83

Here are some more standards:

 GOST 8486-86

BS 4978:2007

Din En 942

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